Boy Scout Troop 74, Montville, NJ

Important Announcements

Meeting Announcements

I am pleased to announce that we will have a special guest at our 10/18 troop meeting. Andrew Grzanka will share with us his experience of “Through hiking” the Appalachian Trail during the Summer and Fall of 2016.

Andrew is an Eagle Scout from Troop 1 in Mendham. He graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2016. and his Thru-Hike was from 6/7/16 – 11/18/16, with my friend from College, sharing gear. They went southbound instead of the more popular northbound direction because they had to wait for graduation.

He will be showing pictures and telling us about the unique challenges that he faced along the way (and how Scouting helped prepare him for the journey.)

Please plan on joining us for this special presentation.

Popcorn Show & Sells


Our annual popcorn fundraiser is in full swing.  Show & Sell timeslots have been filled.  Click here to view the Show & Sell timeslots.  For more information, check out our special popcorn web page with instructions on pickup, dropoff, and the credit card reader.

Camp Winnebago Trip: October 27-29, 2017

Registration is now open!
Online Registration Deadline: Friday October 20, 2017
Paperwork Due: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Don’t miss this weekend tent camping trip! We’ll be zip lining across Durham Pond while enjoying the fall foliage. This trip is coming up quickly and the deadline is coming up even faster. Register today!

See the trip web page for details.

Virginia Bus Trip: November 9-11, 2017

Save the date

Our big bus trip this year is to Virgina. The itinery is still being worked out. This trip is over the 4-day weekend during the NJ Teachers Convention. Details to follow.

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