2017 Popcorn Fundraiser Instructions

 Click here to view the Show & Sell timeslots

PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader

 Instructions on the app and how to use the card reader with your smart phone.  It is very easy to use and this year has pictures of the products to make it even easier.  Instructions are also included in location packets that will be picked up along with the inventory and other supplies on the day of each sale.  The devices will be picked up with the inventory on each sale day.

Pickup and Dropoff Instructions

For those of you who signed up for the green or red rows on the signup sheet, you will be responsible for coordinating the pick up and return of the inventory and supplies for each show.  Instructions are provided in this document. Thank you so much for taking on this additional responsibility.

Recommended Script

And finally, the recommended script for the scouts (as they approach potential buyers and maintain eye contact):

Hi sir / ma’am, my name is ___________, and I’m a scout with Troop 74.

We’re selling popcorn to help raise money for our Troop. You can help us by buying some of our delicious popcorn.

You’ll help us out, won’t you?

Remember-it’s easy to say NO to buying popcorn, but it is HARD to say no to helping the scouting program!  Please go over this with your boys before their sale.  And thank everyone for taking their time to listen, even those who decide not to buy.