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2018 Troop 74 Membership Renewal

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It’s time once again to renew your Troop 74 membership for next year.  Because of an increase in fees from Council, membership fees this year are $137 per scout and $45 for adult leaders and committee members.

Please submit your forms and payment by the PLC meeting on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Or, you may drop it in Mr. Kamper’s mailbox at 15 Jacksonville Road, Towaco. If you do not renew on time, your membership will expire on December 31, 2017.

Fundraising Credits

To help offset the cost of membership, each scout who participated in this year’s fundraiser will receive a $34.25 credit (25% of the fee) for every $200 in total sales he raised in take-home popcorn sales and his share of the Show & Sells.  The credit can only be applied to scout membership fees (not adult fees) and is limited to $137 per scout.  Additional credits may not be applied for other expenses or carried over to next year.  Total sales and credits were sent by email.  For families with more than one scout, sales totals will be combined to compute the family’s final credit.

How do I redeem my fundraising credit?

When you register online, your fundraising credit will be displayed and automatically applied to the amount you owe.  If you believe your credit is not correct, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Iaci and ASM Steven Benno.

IMPORTANT: Registration Procedure

We require the following paperwork:

  •  BSA Medical Form Parts A & B:  BSA requires that Troop 74 keeps a copy of Medical Forms Parts A & B for all scouts.  We do not require  Part C.  These forms are good for one year so if you filled it out for summer camp, you can reuse it.  If Troop 74 has your scout’s medical forms from summer camp, you do not need to hand them in again.  When you register online, it will indicate whether or not Troop 74 has them on file.
  • Troop 74 Code of Conduct and Behavior Expectations and Discipline:  All scouts and parents are required to read the Troop 74 Code of Conduct and to sign off that you have read and understand them.
  • Online Registration Form:  Registration is online, similar to last year:
    1. Click on the “Register Now” button below and enter one of the parent email addresses that we have on file.
    2. A screen will pop up with your total fundraising sales and credits and a list of Troop 74 members in your family. Click the check boxes of renewing members.  Click “Renew” to continue.
    3. Next, you will see a screen with the contact information we have on file.  Please make sure it is up-to-date.  If your scout has a new email address or cell phone, consider adding it.  If you moved in the past year, update your address.  Also, be sure to enter any changes to medications or allergies.  Submit the form  by clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.
    4. You will receive a confirmation email with a renewal form with your information and the amount you owe.  Please sign it and hand it in along with any necessary medical forms and a check made payable to “Troop 74”.  If your sales credit reduces your amount owed to $0, please sign and return the form, but there is no need to submit a check.

If you do not submit your paperwork before we finalize our Charter with Council, you will have to manually fill out the Council membership form as if you are a new member.  It is a lot of extra work for you, Troop 74, and Council, so please, if you are renewing, please do so before Wednesday, November 29.

Online Trip RegistrationPLEASE NOTE: Your registration is not complete until you return a signed registration form with your payment before the registration deadline even though you have filled out the online form.

Apparel Orders

It is that time of year to order apparel now. The scouts will get a short sleeve class B shirt for free since that was covered in the renewal fee. If they want the class B shirt, they still have to fill out the form to signify that you would like one. If they would like additional class B shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve), they will have to pay a fee for the additional shirts.

Here are the costs:

  • The cost of the additional class B shirts are $14 for a short sleeve shirt and $17 for a long sleeve shirt.
  • Sweatshirt hoodie (red) -Full Zipper (embroidered logo) is $31
  • Sweatshirt Hoodie (red) with the embroidered logo is $30.
  • Red Fleece with a full zipper and the embroidered logo is $31.
  • Red Fleece with a 1/4 Zipper and embroidered logo is $29.
  • Troop 74 hats are $17.

A form will be sent out with the form that you can order with.

**Note: You can only order a class B shirt if you so please.**