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Apparel Orders

It is that time of year to order apparel now. The scouts will get a short sleeve class B shirt for free since that was covered in the renewal fee. If they want the class B shirt, they still have to fill out the form to signify that you would like one. If they would like additional class B shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve), they will have to pay a fee for the additional shirts.

Here are the costs:

  • The cost of the additional class B shirts are $14 for a short sleeve shirt and $17 for a long sleeve shirt.
  • Sweatshirt hoodie (red) -Full Zipper (embroidered logo) is $31
  • Sweatshirt Hoodie (red) with the embroidered logo is $30.
  • Red Fleece with a full zipper and the embroidered logo is $31.
  • Red Fleece with a 1/4 Zipper and embroidered logo is $29.
  • Troop 74 hats are $17.

A form will be sent out with the form that you can order with.

**Note: You can only order a class B shirt if you so please.**