Kondike Derby: February 3, 2018


This is a day trip. Scouts must bring their own no-cook lunch, drink, and snack.


  • What: Klondike Derby
  • Where: Camp Somers. [directions] [camp map]
  • Lodging: Day Trip
  • When: Saturday, February 3, 2018
  • Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • Depart: Meet at 7:00 am on Saturday, February 3 at Montville Reformed Church to load trailer and depart.
  • Return: 5:00 PM am Saturday, February 3 to Montville Reformed Church, unload trailer.
  • Cost:
    • Scouts: $12.50
    • Adults: $5.00
  • Trip Leader: ASM Carl Brown

Klondike Derby is a Fishawack District event that tests scouts’ skills while competing against other troops in our district. The Klondike Derby consists of “towns” which test each team’s knowledge, skills, teamwork, physical endurance and mental ingenuity.

Each team of 3-8 scouts must load their sled with the supplies they’ll need for the competition. Teams must navigate their sled from town to town and complete the tasks for each town in the given amount of time. Points are deducted if a task is not completed or if a team is missing equipment on the list. Teams are rewarded for teamwork, leadership, and creativity.

Typical skills required for Klondike Derby are nature, cooking, scout lore, first aid, orienteering, sled skills, flint and steel, and pioneering. See the Klondike equipment list for details about the skills and equipment needed for each town. Learn from past experience with these sample questions for Nature and Scout Lore.

Event Particulars

  • Each scout must be suitably dressed for the cold weather. Sneakers are not allowed. Any mayor or official my remove a Scout at any time if the Scout is deemed to be inadequately clothed.
  • Stay away from the lake! Do not throw stones in the lake.
  • Each troop vehicle must bring a snow shovel.
  • Parking is limited so please consolidate passengers per vehicle and park tight.
  • Check-in at Camp Somers dining hall at 8:30 am and receive instructions.
  • Shotgun start at 9:00 am. Arrive at your last town by 2:30 pm. Awards announced at 4:00 pm.
  • Refreshments may be available at the dining hall for a modest fee.

Derby Rules:

  • Each troop may enter as many teams as it wishes. A team must consist of between 4 and 9 Scouts from a single troop.
  • Junior Scouts (less than age 14) may serve on a senior team. A senior Scout (ages 14–17) may not serve on a junior team.
  • No adults (anyone 18 or older) are allowed to assist any team in any way. Adults not assisting with the event are not allowed to travel with a team on the trail or to enter any town.
  • Material for the skills tests will be based on the current Boy Scout Handbook.
  • Use of sleds is mandatory. As long as the sled can hold all equipment, there is no minimum size, weight or design requirement. Spot checks may be made at various checkpoints to ensure that all items are with the team at any given time.
  • Unless otherwise indicated at a town, a maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for a team to complete a town’s skill event.
  • All sleds and equipment must cross the finish line, even if the sled or equipment becomes broken along the way.
  • No equipment, trash, or food may be left along the trail.
  • Teams may not use two-way radios.
  • Penalties and point reductions may be assessed for failure to adhere to rules, including attempting to give/take advantage to/from other teams, horseplay and any behavior observed to be un-scout like. Disqualification may occur for actions such as damaging trail markers, live trees, camp property or another team’s equipment; violating the waterfront or lake restrictions; or failure to follow directives of the town mayor or any official.

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